NFL Questions…

These are just a couple of things that have boggled my mind the first 2 weeks of the season:

What does Cowboys Offensive Coordinator have on the front office that allows him to retain his job??

With 3 talented running backs and a line that is very very very bad at pass blocking, why does Garrett continue to call 897 thousand passing plays??

Did the Cowboys really just draft Dez Bryant because they always wanted a 6’2 225 pound punt/kick returner??

Why did Minnesota set Brett Favre up by not telling him that his best reciever wasn’t going to be available until after Favre signed?

Why does Brad Childress think that he’s smarter than Brett Favre, and how does Childress still have his job??

If I told you that Darrelle Revis isn’t the best corner on his team, what would you say??

Why do teams think playing prevent at the end of a game is “safe” even when they know it’s a bad idea??

Has anyone noticed that the Buccaneers and the Chiefs are 2-0??

Why is Michael Vick officially back, and no team has asked to trade for his services??

How many Pro Bowl QB’s does Andy Reid have to get rid of before he realizes that Kevin Kolb is terrible??

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