What a difference a year makes…..

78-84, that was the record the Cincinnati Reds posted last season. This year on September 2, 2010 the same Cincinnati Reds are 23 games over .500. At 78-55 the Reds are in first place in their division and are on their way to being a factor as to how this post season plays out!! That’s not even the best part, the Reds have a player who is in contention to win the NL Triple Crown!! 1st Baseman Joey Votto is on a tear this season, Votto is 1st in RBI’s, 2nd in Batting Average, and 3rd in Home Runs!! Bronson Arroyo and Johnny Cueto have done a good job this season with Arroyo going 14-8 and Cueto going 12-4, add rookie Mike Leake to those two with a record of 8-4 with 13 quality starts and the Reds have themselves a more than decent rotation. What makes these 3 so valuable is that they are inning eaters, so that takes pressure off your bull pen since the starters routinely give you 6-7 innings. The Reds are 5th as a team in the NL in the Saves category, last but not least they called up their young flamethrower in Aroldis Chapman. All Chapman does is throw heat, and I’m not talking about high 90’s maybe flirting with 100. Chapman routinely hit’s triple digits, yesterday against the Brewers he came in and got the win in an inning of relief work. What makes Chapman so dangerous is not only his high heat, but his disgusting slider. There was an at-bat when Chapman went 100, down to 86 with a slider, back up to 102, than finished it off with another filthy slider clocked at 89 mph. The Reds have their own version of Netali Feliz the young closer for the Rangers, Chapman will surely be a weapon for the Reds in the post season much like a couple years ago when the Rays brought David Price out of the bull pen. What do you think of the Reds turn around, is Joey Votto going to win the NL Triple Crown?? What do you think of Aroldis Chapman???

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