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So the Yankees continued their string of dominance over the Minnesota Twins in Post-Season play by sweeping the Twins in 3 games. The Twins won the last two Game 1’s the last 2 times they met in the playoffs, they have never won more than 1 game in either of those series. This time however, they were swept and didn’t get the chance to steal Game 1. Last year the Yankees won the World Series on the backs, well arms of a strong 3 man pitching rotation. Last year it was Sabathia, Petite, and Burnett. This year Burnett was pushed out of the rotation and it was Sabathia, Pettite, and Phil Hughes. Hughes pitched the decisive game 3, and he made history as one of the 4 Yankee pitchers to pitch 7 scorless innings in a playoff start. Now for the Rays-Rangers series, Texas jumped out to a 2 game league by great pitching and silencing the big bats of the Rays lineup. In Games 3 and 4, the Rays bats came alive and they won both games. Game 5 has both team’s aces pitching, it’s Cliff Lee vs David Price part 2. It should be an exciting game. The Phillies are up 2-0 in their series and they play later on tonight for a chance to sweep the Reds. The Giants and Braves are tied 1 game a piece, the Giants won game 1 thanks to 1 run and Tim Linceum’s outstanding performance. The Braves won Game 2 in extra innings thanks to Rich Ankiel’s walk off home run! The Giants and Braves are playing right now!! It’s the top of the 6th and the Giants are up 1-0, but if we learned anything from Game 2 it’s that this game is far from over. Who do you think is going to advance and face the Yankees in the ALCS?? Will the Phillies complete the sweep, and who’s going to win Game 3 in the Braves-Giants series to gain the advantage??

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