Which Moss is Minnesota getting??

I thought long and hard before this post, I have been asked about it a couple times already since the trade happened. I have finally come to a conclusion in my thought process, here it is. Minnesota is a good football team, adding Randy Moss makes it an even better football team. The problem Minny has is that their pass blocking is very, very, very suspect. Favre does need a big time WR right now, the supporting cast might be worse than the offensive line’s pass blocking. This trade being a true success hangs squarely on the shoulders of Moss, are we going to see the young focused lively Moss or the current day depressed former superstar Moss?? I definitely wouldn’t say Moss has lost a step, but he is one of the most mecurial personalities to have played this game. I always think of his quote when he was with the Raiders, ” I play when I want to play.” If he chooses to play the Vikings made a great move, if not they better hope that Sydney Rice gets back soon. Some of you might think the Patriots are crazy for letting him go, I think that the supporting cast in New England is 12 times better than the cast in Minnesota not named Rice or Moss. Secondly, the Pats did it on a BYE week so they get time to adjust the offense. Lastly, don’t ever question Bill Bellicheck because he knows what he is doing. We might not see it when it first happens, but trust me he has everything covered. Back to Mr. Moss, is he going to make the Vikings Super Bowl contenders once again??

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2 Thoughts to “Which Moss is Minnesota getting??”

  1. a motivated one. Too bad his QB is awful.

  2. Patriots made a great move, only thing is if Moss plays how he did tonight….or gets better when he gets chemisty with farve and becomes accustomed to the offense. This is going to be a nasty combination. Throw in Sidney Rice when he comes back and Harvin in the Slot, and that is a disgusting offense.

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