An Elite QB after all??

So many things were said about Andy Reid getting rid of Donavan McNabb, especially letting him go to a rival in the NFC East. Kevin Kolb was supposed to be the leader, a Drew Brees knockoff(not a bad thing) with great control of the pocket and the West Coast System. The Eagles were going to continue to use Vick in “packages”, well obviously the Eagles weren’t being forthright about what was really going on in their complex these last 2 years. Let me share with you what I think happened, Reid got the perfect QB for his offense when he got Vick. Vick was working behind the scenes from Day 1 on mastering that offense, the result being this year when Kolb went down and Vick came in and almost led the Eagles back. What I’m saying is that there is no way possible that your “wildcat” QB can come in and have a certain level of mastery over the entire playbook unless of course you were grooming him to start to begin with. Vick has been outstanding this season, he’s yet to throw an interception and his pocket presence and poise is spectacular. He just outplayed big brother Manning, why isn’t that the big story today??? Is it because all of those naysayers will have to come back and apologize?? I have been defending him as an elite QB his whole career, just because you may not like his “style” of quarterbacking doesn’t make him bad. That’s just a preference, there’s no law that says all elite QB’s must stay in the pocket and take big hits. He has an arm equal to or greater(greater in my opinion) than many of the “elite” QB’s in the game, it’s not his fault he doesn’t have a big wind up and is able to flick the ball 70 yards with great velocity. It’s not his fault he was blessed with elite wide out speed either, or the agility of an elite running back. He is what he is and he should be applauded and celebrated as an “elite” QB in this league. Let me share with you his 2010 numbers so far this season: QB Rating 105.3 Passing Yards 1017 Passing TDs 7 Int 0 Rushing Yards 261 Rushing TDs 2 What’s wrong with those numbers, does that sound like an “average” QB?? The man deserves an apology, he has regained his form as well as exceeded his former level of play. This is Michael Vick, this is what he could be if he could reach his potential. Well he’s only 30, he’s missed 2 years and he has at least another 4 years left. The scariest part of this, I still don’t believe he’s reached his prime!! What do you think of the job Vick has done this year?? Is this year an aberration or will he continue to get better??

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2 Thoughts to “An Elite QB after all??”

  1. I totally agree with you on this one Will!! I've always thought that Vick had a talent & skills to be an Elite QB.. Him going to jail allowed him to mature & made him a better person!! I don't think he's reached his true prime & depending on where he goes at the end of the season will kinda determine his future!! I pray he doesn't doom himself & come to Washington!!

  2. Now after last nite performance Vick definitely needs to be considered an Elite QB!!

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