And the 2010 NFL MVP Goes to….

Drumroll please……..MICHAEL VICK!!! Seriously did you have another candidate, I really would like to know if there are any because I can’t think of one that should be mentioned in the same breath as him. Vick’s QB Rating is 115.1 for the year, the next closest QB is David Garrard at 104.9!! I’m going to let you do the math, matter of fact I’ll help…it’s not even CLOSE!! He has yet to throw an interception, he’s only been sacked 15 times and think about how often Kolb got sacked when he played behind them. Vick made the Eagles more dangerous than they could have ever been under the watch of Kolb or McNabb, this offense was never THIS explosive before he was handed the controls. The Eagles are averaging 400 yards of offense a game under Vick which is 3rd best in the league, last year the Eagles averaged 357 yds a game and were ranked 11th in offense. Vick also has the Eagles one-tenth (1/10) of a point behind the highest scoring team in the league, New England is averaging 28.7 points a game and the Eagles are averaging 28.6 points a game. Last year the Eagles were 5th in points scored with 26.8 points a game, that means that Vick has defintely boosted their offense. Vick hasn’t done all of his damage in the air, even though his numbers accumulated through the air are impressive. Vick has been just as much of a threat on the ground, Vick has 4 rushing TD’s and has only fumbled once. What might be more impressive is 5 runs for at least 20 yards or more, another part of his game that has absolutely frustrated defensive coaches has been his ability to run for 1st downs and he has 20 of those to his credit!! Just to give you an idea of what he’s done on the ground: Vick has 44 rushing attempts for 341 yards, Brandon Jacobs has 73 rushing attempts for 377 yards. I understand that it’s a little early to crown the MVP, but he deserves it for the level he is playing at. No one else in the league has been on the same planet as Vick, he looks as if he’s become everything he was projected to be in terms of upside and even more. It has been a while back, but do you all remember how hard it was to stop Vick when all he had was Alge Crumpler and Brian Finneran in Atlanta?? Do you remember the days when going to see Vick play was called the “Michael Vick Experience??” Well it’s back and it’s twice as good, if not three times as better as the old show!! All people used to say was that he couldn’t produce while in the pocket, well be careful what you ask for because those people just got it!! Vick has reclaimed his title of the most exciting player in the NFL in my mind, what do you have to say about him??

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  1. And remember those Eagles stats a skewed because he hasn't started an played all games. Had he the Eagles would lead in all offensive areas of the game. The Eagles are 4-0 when Vick starts and finishes the game.

  2. Yup and that's exactly my point , had he started all of their games imagine how much better those numbers would be!!

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