Don’t take it personal, it’s BUSINESS!!

I hate to be the one to say this, it really does pain me a little. Yet, at the end of the day I understand what will happen when you fight. I have been a Yankee fan all my life, I will continue to be one until I leave this earth, and even then I will love the organization. When dealing with the Yankees there is a rule to live by, here it is so read this carefully: NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN THE ORGANIZATION, NO ONE!! Mr. Jeter you have been the face of the Yankees for many many years now, unfortunately you are at the stage of your career where you are no longer a LOCK to be here. It would be nice for you to finish up your time as a New York Yankee, we (the Yankee faithful) will remember you as you were not as you are for all of the things you did and not all of the things you can no longer do. Please tell your agent to get over himself and realize that this isn’t 10 years ago, this isn’t George you’re dealing with, if you keep pushing you will be left out in the cold. I hate to break this to you, but what other team in baseball would pay for you current talents at your current asking price?? The 20 or 21 million that the Yankees are offering you is at least 5 to 10 million more than what you’re worth. Matter of fact let’s take a look at history, can you remember the last great Yankee that finished his career out with the Yankees? Let me be more pointed, can you remember the last great Yankee who was asking for more than what he was worth in his twilight years? No offense to you Mr. Jeter, but the same thing was done to many of the greats before you ( Ruth, Mantle, Ford, Berra). Please do the right thing and take the offer, don’t finish your career out somewhere else where you will be treated who you are NOW rather than who you WERE!! You’ve had an illustrious career here in New York Mr. Jeter, don’t let pride tarnish your legacy. There is one thing I know, no one is bigger than the Yankees, NO ONE!! Please don’t find out the hard way, if the Yanks could go back in time and renege on the length of A-Rod’s contract they would, so don’t take it personal and just take the money!! Do you think Jeter is worth more than 20 million, what do you think he’s worth? Is he better than your current short stop on your favorite team??

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