“I’ll Never Get Over It”

Yesterday up and coming big play wideout for the Buffalo Bills Steve Johnson dropped the would be game winning TD catch, he beat double coverage rather easily and just dropped it!! The Steelers went on to win in overtime, but I’m sure many of you have seen the post game conference. Stevie Johnson manned up, he didn’t blame anybody but himself for that devastating drop. In fact he is taking it the way great players do, taking ALL acountibility and vows not to forget it. Surely that means this devastating moment will serve as motivation to the young wideout!! Johnson had 5 drops in yesterday’s game, prior to yesterday Johnson had been in the middle of a break out season as a former 7th round pick!! Johnson has 59 catches for 796 yards this season and 9 TD’s, had he made that catch yesterday it would have been his 10th TD catch leaving him 1 short of the Bills record for TD catches. Johnson is a force to be reckoned with, it was just amazing to see a player actually show that raw emotion in front of the media. Johnson is on his way to becoming an elite reciever, hopefully he remembers this day and moment and never truly gets over it and holds on to each pass as if it’s his last. Johnson vowed to never get over it, and I vow to continue to be a Steve Johnson fan. What did you think of the Bills young WR?? Will this haunt him or fuel him to become an elite reciever??

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