Was it Worth it in Hindsight??

So the Redskins are 4-4 and the Raiders are 5-4 in the extremely tough AFC. The Raiders don’t have the line that the Skins have, or the talent on offense according to most. What I find extremely interesting about this is that Jason Campbell has a better passer rating than Washington’s “Savior” Donavan McNabb. Both of the QB’s have similar numbers, both have 7 passing TDs. Mcnabb has thrown 8 INTs to Campbell’s 5. McNabb has thrown for 1971 yds to Campbell’s 1252 yds, my point is what was the point of getting rid of Jason?? To make matters worse, McNabb’s career QB rating is only 3 POINTS better than Campbell’s career QB rating. McNabb is much older than Campbell, so what was the point?? Campbell is getting it done with Darius Heyward-Bey and Jacoby Ford as of late. The Raider’s recieving corps is depleted due to injuries, both teams like to run the ball and play defense. The only difference is that Oakland allows Jason Campbell to PLAY, he’s allowed to go DOWNFIELD. In Washington they rarely let him get vertical in the passing game and dispelled the notion that he could throw a catchable deeep ball. In realaity it’s the exact opposite, Campbell throws one of the better deep balls in the game with a lot of touch and great accuaracy. It goes back to them just letting him do what he’s comfortable doing. You villified this young kid, only to replace him with an older QB with less arm strength and less accuarcy. It has been rumored for years that McNabb often underthrows & overthrows his recievers. I’m just asking in hindsight, was it worth it?? The supposedly better QB (McNabb) has been benched for REX GROSSMAN!! Let me know, was it worth it because the Redskins are already looking for a QB for next season. Jason Campbell or Donavan McNabb??

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2 Thoughts to “Was it Worth it in Hindsight??”

  1. well you knew I had to comment in this. You know I was always a Campbell fan and am happy he is getting a chance..but first lets start with the incorrect statements in your post. For someone you claim isnt allowed to throw down field. McNabb has more 20+ yard completions than Campbell 23-15, More 40+ yard completions 7-6. McNabb also only averages .2 less in yards per completion. Campbell lost the starter job once already and is only playing now b/c gradkowski is hurt. The raiders still havnt even guaranteed Campbell is keeping the starting job when gradkowski is healthy. as far as mcnabb goes, yes he has not played well. I'm gonna give the oline a lot of blame for that. you can believe he was benched for Rex all you want..but he was bench b/c he sucked in the detroit game. You cant believe anything shanahan says. He benched his ass cause he was mad at that last int into triple coverage. He def doesnt think sexy rexy is better. It was more motivation. Sure the shanahans are def trying to evaluate mcnabb to see if he fits, sure there is def a possibility that mcnabb rolls out for arizona or minnesota in the offseason. But you know what..the 3 wins that the skins do have against Dallas, Philly, GB would not have been "won" by JC. And that is why the skins brought in mcnabb.

  2. Preciate the response Jack, thank you also for setting me straight on the completions downfield between the two QBs. I also agree that McNabb was only taken out because of his poor play in the Detroit game, I will also agree with you on the issue of trusting the Shanahans. My point is that there wasn't a drastic change in QB play, the only difference between the 2 is experience. I also might want to step out on that branch and say that no one knows what Campbell would have done in Shanahan's offense. I just think it's intresting because I belive Jason would have performed better under better circumstances(O-line). I guess my point is that the Skins issues goes way deeper than QB and that wasn't the area that needed a drastic change.It's just that after it happend (the QB switch from JC to McNabb) people started saying things like Super Bowl and JC was the ONLY thing wrong in DC. Thanx again for commenting!!

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