You Choose: Truth, Witch Hunt, or Smear Campaign?

So Cam Newton is or was the leading Heisman Trophy Candidate, he is a junior at Auburn University. Over the past three years, there has been little to no news about Newton’s potential off field problems. Why at this specific juncture in his collegiate career, when he is in the running for the Heisman does all of this “news” spew out of the past?? We all know that he committed to the University of Florida coming out of high school, we also know that when Tebow decided to come back for his senior year that Newton transfered. Some of that had to do with Newton’s purchase of a stolen laptop, he was suspended from the team and than invited back on after the court approved program he completed. It had also been said that Newton got caught cheating several times at Florida, yet none of this made headlines as many of Urban Meyer’s players seem to “avoid” the spotlight when they are caught doing wrong. Newton then transfered to Blinn college(a Juco) and won the NJCAA(National Junior College Athletic Assosication) Championship, here is where the “trouble” started. Newton was the only 5 star recruit coming out of Junior College that year, he was being heavily recruited by both Auburn and Mississpi State. Newton chose Auburn, and now after at least a year Missisppi State is saying that there were issues within the recruiting process!! They are saying that either the Newtons(Cam and his father Cecil) or someone representing them were asking for a “pay to play” type deal. Allegedly this is why Newton chose Auburn because Miss State didn’t “offer” enough money. My biggest issue with this, is in light of the “Reggie Bush” situation why has no one from Miss State come forward “On Record” to say that this is indeed what happened. Why is no on from Florida getting in trouble for releasing a students private information, I would venture to say that the cheating scandal is probably on a students “personal file.” So how is that information allowed to be shared? Why all of a sudden is Miss State releasing all of this “information”, is it because they were okay with the “pay to play” deal and they didn’t get chosen? Or is Newton’s success like salt in an open wound seeing that they could of really used a player with that kind of talent? Help me out here, why did all of these allegations come forward in the past 2 weeks if all of these things allegedly happened at least 2 years ago??

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  1. Because Urban Meyer is leaking the rumors.

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