Christmas Day Double Standard…

Christmas Day ended sadly for the Lakers, what saddens me more is the free “OUT” they’re being given. Had LA showed up and throttled the Heat everyone would be attacking Miami, since the Lakers got throttled people are saying it’s early and it’s only one game. If you want to belive that no problem, a true way to see if that was really the case is to look at Kobe Bryant’s reaction. Kobe was PISSED, as the entire Laker’s orginaztion and their fans SHOULD be. I don’t buy all this we can “turn the switch” on when it’s needed, I respect what the Lakers have done the past 2 seasons. Their problems this year are not things that can be fixed, they are OLD and SLOW. They can no longer beat teams the same way they have in the past, they need to be more like the Celtics and just “OUT EXCECUTE” teams!! Kobe is not getting any younger, yes he’s still the best player in the game. The problem is that Miami has 2a and 2b, yesterday Kobe looked like he didn’t have enough help. It didn’t help matters that Wade was able to give him fits defensively which allowed LeBron and Chris Bosh to double when needed. The Heat ran a defensive CLINIC on the Lakers, they need to be given their credit for what they did. Maybe people don’t want to say it out loud, but LA needs to hit the panic button!! They are now looking up at several teams in the standings and their record against winning teams isn’t looking too good. I just don’t understand why the Lakers are being giving a FREE pass, can someone explain that to me or at least TRY??

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