Fat Albert vs D.C.

So the Skins and Mr.Haynesworth are at it again, this time Albert will be suspended for the remainder of the season. I just don’t understand why he’s still here? If you didn’t like the guy in pre-season, what made you think it was going to change Mr. Shannahan?? Mr. Snyder, you should just take it as a loss and cut him now because either way the man got PAID. So instead of just releasing him so he goes to a team of his liking, you’d rather keep him for the remainder of the season and then cut him??
Or do you really think a team is going to try to trade for him, because if that’s the case you’ve already killed your leverage!! WE all know that neither he or you (the organization) wants him here, so why would someone trade for damaged goods?? The sad thing is that if you had traded him earlier in the year instead of trying to flex your Head Coaching muscles, you’d at least be looking forward to an additional draft pick. Now that doesn’t look so promising, now the player got paid and is on the verge of getting what he wants in terms of being off this team. Which leaves the Redskins with nothing in return, was it worth it?? Keeping him here in D.C this season, was it worth it Mr. Snyder and Mr. Shannahan?? Will Haynesworth finish the season out as a Redskin or will they just cut him?? Do you think they will be able to get anything in return for him in a trade? Or will he just be rewarded by being cut after the season is over?

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