Newton Wins the Heisman…Suprised??

Cameron Newton won the prestigious Heisman Trophy earlier this evening, he did so in deciding fashion!! Newton was 1st on 93% of the ballots that had HIS name on them, there were 105 ballots that did not include his name. I’m not sure what to make of that, obviously I’m not privy to the Heisman Trust “rules” and I think that it’s ridiculous that you have the option to omit a player’s name. Cam had an outstanding year, one thing I didn’t like about the Heisman show was how certain “hosts/analysts” did their best to remind everybody of Cam’s issues. Obviously we all know what the allegations are, why can’t you let it stay where it is for one night? It’s not fair to the young man, I did like how Cam carried himself throughout the night. Do you think the right player won the award? Should it be mandatory for all finalists to be on EVERY ballot?? Who do you think will be the better NFL player out of tonight’s finalists (Newton, Luck, James, & Moore)??

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