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The Orlando Magic decided it was time to stop watching transactions happen in the league and partake in them! Orlando just traded Vince Carter, Micheal Pietrus, and Martin Gortat for Hedo Turkoglu, Earl Clark, and Jason Richardson. They are also to have been said to be in talks with the Wizards about trading Rashard Lewis for Gilbert Arenas straight up. I don’t know what Orlando was thinking as of yet, maybe they think these new players will help them compete better with Boston and LA. I don’t really see as to how, all they did was trade a couple shooters for another couple of shooters. They didn’t get any tougher defensively and this may actually HURT Dwight Howard more than help him, now you have more gunners on the team. Secondly if they acquire Gilber Arenas does he play the 1 or the 2, if he plays the 2 do you move Richardson to the 3?? If so your starting lineup just became smarter? Only time will tell, but do you think this moves make Orlando better or just the same with new faces??

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