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The 49ers just fired their coach, next up time to find a GM. I am proud that the Owner finally realized that HE might have been a problem last time the team went through this process. In 2005 the 49ers went about hiring a staff backwards, all of this was done with out a GM. As many of you know teams can suffer when Owners take too much control, we have outstanding examples of ownership gone wrong in Dallas and Washington. The Cowboys and the Redskins both have owners who wont STAY out of the way of the people they HIRED, why not let the people do THEIR jobs?? I’m extremely happy that Mr. York has stumbled upon this revelation, the team will be better going forward. They are currently searching and interviewing GM candidates, my vote goes to Trent Balke who was in charge of personnel but not the GM. Balke pretty much ran last years draft, I think he did a very good job. What needs to happen next is for the GM to find a coach who can unlock all of the talent on this roster, the 49ers have many weapons on both offense and defense the key is to UTILIZE them correctly. The QB position and the secondary need to be addressed in the draft, specifically the cornerback position. The 49ers have a colection of talented safeties, they now need the playmakers at corner. There are good corners in this year’s draft class, we will have a better idea once the college season comes to a close and we know which underclassmen are declaring. I strongly believe that Heisman winner Cam Newton will be available when the 49ers pick, I hope they realize what a talent he is and not let him pass in favor of another QB. The only QB I would pass on Cam Newton for is Andrew Luck and they won’t be picking high enough to select Luck. Who do you think will become the next coach of the 49ers??

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