The NFL’s Double Standard…

So obviously we are all aware of the NFL’s new “safety” programs and “concerns,” I don’t really care for them but there are 2 players that have suffered from them. The 2 players I speak of are James Harrison of the Steelers and Michael Vick of the Eagles. Steelers outside LB James Harrison is one of the hardest hitters in the league, he has been fined excessively this year for hits that are “illegal.” What bothers me about these so called “illegal” hits are that out of all of the fines only one of the hits has resulted in a yellow flag being thrown. He hasn’t been ejected from any games, nor have the refs deemed these hits dirty or excessive roughness. All of these fines are levied AFTER games are played, so how is it that these “illegal” hits aren’t being flagged WHEN they supposedly occur?? The NFL has given defenders a target zone for QB’s, well Harrison makes sure that his hits are in set “target zone” and yet he still gets fined!! So what I take from this is that you can hit the QB, just not hard?? Or can you hit the QB if you’re not James Harrsion?? Ben Rothelisburger got punched by Richard Seymour, Seymour got ejected and than fined but only a fraction of the price to which Harrison gets charged. Andre Johnson and Courtland Finnegan got into an actual FIST-FIGHT and all that happened was that both players got fined the same amount as Seymour: $25,000. Harrison has already been fined a total of $125,000 this season, there’s a lot more football left!! What do you think of Harrison’s issue with the fines, is it legit?? Do you view him as a dirty player, or is he being wrongly targeted??

Now this is one that I just can’t understand, this is about a player who plays the position the League has gone out it’s way to protect. Michael Vick has gotten hit below the supposed “target zone” all season, I have even heard a commentator say “that’s what you have to do to Vick, make him pay for standing in the pocket!” REALLY….so how is that allowed when no one says that about the other marquee QB’s in the league?? If you push Manning, Brady, Ryan, or Sanchez down without helping them up it’s almost a guaranteed flag!! You can’t go low on the QB PERIOD, why is it okay to hit Vick routinely in this fashion?? What makes him different than other QB’s?? The worst part is that these illegal hits happen in the POCKET!!! We all know that Vick is a problem once he leaves the pocket, well when he’s in the pocket how do you miss these foul hits (refs) ?? I just want to know why it’s okay, he’s the only elite QB that is ALLOWED to get hit like that. I’ve even heard analysts say that the best way to slow down Vick is “to hit him early and often”, last time I checked wouldn’t those other QB’s be slowed if they were to get blasted the way Vick is allowed to get hit?? What do you think of Vick being allowed to get hit low as a QB?? Is there a different set of rules for MOBILE QBs??

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