Where’s Melo Going??

So as of today Carmelo Anthony says that he is NOT going to sign an extension with the Denver Nuggets. It has been said that Melo will only sign an extension with….THE NEW YORK KNICKS!! As a Knick fan, I can’t contain my excitement! The problem is that it’s up to the Nuggets whether to trade him or not. The positive part for Melo and maybe not so positive part for the Nuggets, Melo WILL be an Unrestricted Free Agent at the end of THIS season. So do you trade him or let him walk for nothing? The Knicks will go from a nice story with their level of play this year to a contender next year with the addition of Melo. Amare Stoudamire did say he was going to bring help, no one ever thought it would be this soon. If you were the Nuggets what do you do? As Carmelo Anthony, do you PUSH for the trade now or wait until Free Agency??

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