AFC Championship Preview

The Steelers host the Jets in tomorrow’s AFC Championship game, it looks to be another hard hitting matchup. Last week the Steelers rallied back to beat the Ravens in an all out battle, Big Ben continued his trend of coming up big in the playoffs. On the other side the Jets beat the Patriots in a chess match last week. Rex Ryan had a great game-plan for the Patriots, he’s going to need an even better one for the Steelers. I don’t know if the Jets have anyone they can blitz thats big enough to take down Big Ben by themselves. The Steelers need to make sure they stop the Jets running game and force Mark Sanchez to beat them, he’s yet been relied on to beat a team. One thing to keep your eye on is who the Jets put on Mike Wallace and who the Steelers put on Santonio Holmes. If Ike Taylor is on Holmes, is the Steelers other corner going to be able to keep Braylon Edwards from having a big game? Will the Jets put Revis or Cromartie on Mike Wallace, because I don’t think Revis is fast enough to keep Wallace from getting deep. In terms of X-factors, I think for the Steelers it’s Antonio Brown because of his speed. Brown was the guy who burned the Ravens secondary on 3rd and 19 last week late in the game. For the Jets, I think the X-factor will be Dustin Keller. Keller is going to need to be able to command Troy Polomalu’s attention, not Ryan Clark’s but Troy’s. The reason being that with Troy tied to him, Sanchez will be able to focus on plays downfield more. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow, who do you think will win??

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