Is Chris Bosh All-Star Worthy??

I was on ESPN’s website the other day, I forgot who wrote the article but they had said that Chris Bosh deserves to be an All Star. I was already thinking that, but after reading the article I don’t know if all of the readers truly understood what he was trying to get across. The only reason I said that was because the writer said something to the effect that Bosh’s numbers were down, but his nightly contributions are what don’t show up on the stat sheet. I whole-heartedly agree, I just want to take it a step further and get into what those “contributions” are. When this whole Miami thing went down and it was announced that LeBron and Bosh would be joining Wade down in Miami, I only saw it one way. It reminded me of Mike, Scottie, and Horace for the Bulls when they got together and won championships TOGETHER. Well I had a couple people tell me I was wrong for thinking of it like that, well now that some time has went by, am I?? LeBron’s game reminds me so much of Scottie because of how versatile they are. They could do ANYTHING on a basketball court, they could guard multiple positions, and were walking matchup NIGHTMARES. Bosh, well he is an offensively gifted version of Grant. He does the dirty work, but he is capable of going off for 30 or 40 if it is needed. Grant was never going to do that for you, but Bosh being the 3rd fiddle in this group is really an advantage. He doesn’t garner many blocks but he defends the paint quite well, he doesn’t turn the ball over like a lot of big men, he has a great face up game and he passes out of the post very well. He is also one of the best roll men on Pick & Roll plays in the league, like Grant his presence is felt in the things that don’t end up on stat sheets. Timely double teams, getting his hand in the passing lane(not getting the steal, but the deflection), staying out of foul trouble. I believe Bosh is averaging 18 & 8 this year, it’s just that his game isn’t as “sexy” as an Amare Stoudamire or Blake Griffin, Bosh like Grant has a BORING game. I urge you to watch a Heat game and just watch what Bosh does for the 1st half or so, it’s perfect baskeball. He is rarely in the wrong place, it’s just those kind of players get overlooked for the more flashy ones. Keep in mind, he shut down Amare and Pau Gasol. Those are 2 of the “popular” power forwards in the league, you don’t do that by being lucky. Do you think he deserves to be an All Star??

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