Is the Window Closing??

Kobe Bryant is arguably the best player in the NBA, Kobe is a 5 time NBA Champion, Kobe is ….well Kobe!! I hate to be the one to bring this up, but I honestly think this may be the beginning of the end for Mr. Bryant. Kobe is still getting his numbers, it’s how he gets them and to what extent does it affect his team. Kobe is taking more shots to get those 25 points now, there has been numerous times this season that Kobe has been in his “lone wolf” stage. It happens to the best, it’s just WHEN it happens. I don’t believe the Lakers will be able to defend their title if Kobe doesn’t become more of a facilatator, he isn’t able to carry the load on a nightly basis as he once was. Kobe may have finally reached the stage where he NEEDS his teammates, it’s up to him to use them or not. Whenever Kobe is busy jacking up shots, it means the BIGS aren’t touching the ball and that’s what people want. What made the Lakers so tough the last two seasons was HOW well Kobe used his teammates, he was able to defer to them until it was time to close games. He has to rely on them more because time isn’t going to reverse itself, as of late it doesn’t seem as if Kobe has his legs down the stretch. That only comes from expending too much energy early in the game, he HAS to realize this and go back to CLOSING games. Let your team be aggressive quarters 1-3, in the 4th TAKEOVER!! It speaks much to his ability that in this “down” year Kobe is hitting his career averages. I’m looking past the numbers, the Lakers have to go back to what they did to win those 2 championships and Kobe has to remember what that was….Deferring and Facillitating!! Am I just off my rocker or do you think the window is closing for Kobe?? Is it closed, or is that kind of talk far off??

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