NFC Championship Preview

The Bears host the Green Bay Packers in tomorrow’s NFC Championship game, the Bears bullied the Seahawks last week and the Packers punished the Falcons. What makes this match-up so great is that it’s a DIVISION GAME, that means there won’t be any surprises because both teams truly KNOW each other. The interesting match-up between these 2 teams will be the chess match played by Bears Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz and Packers Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers. These two men are extremely creative when it comes to formations, it will definitely be something worth watching. Then there’s the QB match-up between Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers. Cutler needs to play perfect and not turn the ball over to that opportunistic Packers defense, Rodgers needs to be just as perfect, he’s going to deal with a fierce pass rush by the Bears front 4. I’m curious as to how the Packers are going to block that defensive line of the Bears, will they be able to contain Julius Peppers and Tommie Harris? On the otherside, will the Bears line be able to open running lanes against BJ Raji and crew? I think this could be a really close game as long as both teams don’t turn the ball over, if there’s turnovers than one team might be able to run away with this game. As for X-factors, for the Bears I’m having a hard time choosing between Matt Forte/Chester Taylor and Devin Hester. The Bears WILL need to be balanced against the Packers, Hester needs to be big in both the return game and as a WR. The Packers X-factor will James Starks and the Special Teams, Starks needs to continue to run the ball to keep GB balanced. Obviously the Special Teams coverage unit needs to come up big, they will NEED to contain Mr. Hester!! This WILL be an exciting game, who do you think will come out on top??

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