Would YOU Trade Steve Nash??

I think I said this to my good friend Rob Riley around the time that Orlando made all those trades to reshape it’s roster, if you curious as to what I told him just keep reading. Rob and I were discussing the moves and how they affected each team involved. I told Rob I thought the Suns did a great job dumping salaries and that all that was left was to get rid of Mr. Nash. Rob then asked if I really thought that was an option for the Suns and how confident I was in my logic. I went on to tell Rob as I am telling you all now that their is NO GOOD REASON to retain Steve Nash. As the Suns, you’re no longer a competitive ball club in terms of competing for a championship. This is one of the WORST Phoenix rosters in a while, there’s nothing left but to flip Steve Nash for a 1st Round pick and a young player. It has to be done, Nash doesn’t deserve to be part of a rebuilding process at this point in his career. Nor do the Suns NEED to keep him around, they have Gordon Dragic and yes I’m saying this….BUILD around him. In Gortat and Robin Lopez they have 2 servicable big men, keep Dudley and get a 2 and a 4. Think about what you could get for Nash, I’d try to offer him to NY or OKC. You could maybe get Serge Ilbalka or Anthony Randolph in return as well as a draft pick or 2. That’s just a couple of the many scenarios for the Suns, they have a Hall of Fame PG. Do you really think teams won’t try to acquire Steve Nash?? For some teams, they might see Nash as THE missing piece to compete for a title. The only reason I”m bringing this up is because when the Orlando trades happend the Suns said they would never think of trading Steve Nash. Well as we get closer to the trade deadline, we’re going to see if they really mean what they say. When it happens just remember you heard it HERE first!! Do you think the Suns WOULD trade Steve Nash before this year’s Trade Deadline?? Or am I off my rocker??

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