Melo Sweepstakes Start to Heat Up!!

I have said all along that things were going to get crazy come All-Star Break and the Trade Deadline, well it just happened!! The Denver Nuggets have been shopping Carmelo Anthony since Pre-Season, he left a 3 year $65 million dollar extension on the table!! The only person who does that is the type of person that wants OUT!! This charades has lasted far too long, the Nuggets need to stop asking for so much and take the best offer. Since the beginning we knew that the Knicks were Melo’s desired destination, the Nets jumped into the fray for much of the first part of the year trying to get Melo. Denver has balked at every NJ offer so the Nets pulled their names out of the competition, at least that’s what they’ve said. The Lakers dropped a bomb today by initiating talks with the Nuggets focused on Andrew Bynum, if I were the Nuggets I take that and Devin Ebanks and run. Many Laker fans have been on twitter and message boards all day long saying Kobe plus Melo equals a championship, have we learned nothing people?? One of the main reasons the Lakers even repeated is because Boston was without their best big, not KG but Perkins. Perkins is the force in the paint, he’s the enforcer much like Bynum is LA’s. Remember when Bynum was hurt in the championship against Boston in ’08, yup they LOST because Gasol like KG isn’t the force that Bynum and Perk provide. The kid’s 23 years old, why GIVE him away?? I have faith that Bynum could be a 20-10 guy easily if he wasn’t on Kobe Bryant’s team!! Secondly, do you think it’s even possible for Melo and Bryant to co-exist?? It’s a little different than Bron and Wade, Bron is more than happy to defer to Wade. Do you see Kobe deferring to anybody?? Do you see Melo deferring to a teammate willingly, at the end of a game?? They are far too similar in terms of their mentalities for it to work, maybe I’m wrong but I still wouldn’t give away a 7-1 285 pound 23 year old center. I don’t care for what it is, big men are big men and in today’s game there’s not many of them. Would you trade Bynum if you were LA? If so, does that make LA better than Denver?? If you ask me, I think Denver wins if this trade were to happen. The 2 most important positions on a basketball team are the 1 and the 5, LA already is lacking in the PG department why loose out on a good center? Denver would than have young Ty Lawson and young Andrew Bynum to build around or do you think the pairing of Kobe and Melo dwarfs that?? Let me know either by commenting below or on twitter: @willietspeaks

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