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Yesterday was a big day for Cam Newton, as for how much of a big day we will see come draft time. Cam Newton held a media workout yesterday to show everyone what he’s been working on since Auburn won the National Title in January. Newton has been working out daily with the same guy that worked with Big Ben during his 4 game suspension to start the year, George Whitfield Jr. Whitfield isn’t the only man helping Cam become a better player, Warren Moon is said to be Cam’s mentor. Moon says he doesn’t do a lot of teaching, but if he sees something that could help he doesn’t hesitate to provide Cam with that information. I’ve been enamored with Cam Newton’s ability early last season, before is rise to the top of the Heisman Race. In Newton I saw a lot of Big Ben, except he’s much more athletic. Many detractors had been saying all year that Newton needs work, and he’s an unfinished product, but what college player isn’t?? Playing QB in the NFL isn’t an easy transition, but those that have “it” do end up succeeding. Trust me when I say that Cam definitely has the “it” factor, what impressed me last season was Cam’s calm demeanor no matter what the situation. That is the sign of a good leader, the other thing that jumped out at me was his natural tools. The Kid has a HUGE arm, quick feet, a fluid throwing motion, and he’s extremely hard to tackle. Another thing that jumped off the screen when watching Cam during last season, he’s very accurate for a player with that arm power and has a deft touch. I watched as much of the video from yesterday’s workout that’s out there and I couldn’t help thinking that this kid’s tape is light years ahead of Tebow’s tape last year when he changed his throwing motion. Obviously he still needs to get accustomed to taking snaps from center, but his footwork is very crisp during his drop back and going through his progressions. After watching his workout yesterday, I CAN’T WAIT to watch him perform at the combine!!

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