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Diana Taurasi was suspended from play in a Turkish Basketball League, this was Taurasi’s first time playing in this League. Supposedly she had tested positive for both her A and B samples during a drug test, Taurasi was banned and has been in the States for some time now. Once this story broke, she vehemently denied these allegations and swore that she has been clean her entire career. She was not the only top flight athlete that was cleared this week, Top Cyclist Alberto Contrador was cleared as well. I have been very leery of these tiny labs that are responsible for the testing in Europe for a while now, almost every year we get news that an athlete has been doping and they then get vilified. Than some time passes and they are cleared, when they are cleared it happens very quietly unlike when their results are leaked to the public when they test positive. They need to make sure all of these tiny labs are up to par and are all consistent, the only reason this was a big story is because of who Taurasi is. If it was a lesser known player it might of been news, but not nearly on the same level as this was. It happened several months ago, yet ESPN didn’t put it on blast until a couple of weeks ago. She is officially cleared, that news is not nearly as important as when she was accused of testing positive. It’s not fair to the truly clean athletes who get affected by poorly run labs in Europe, the Anti Doping Agency needs to get this right!! This cost Tauraisi a lot of negative attention for nothing, not to mention the time off the court due to the suspension. What do you think should be done to a lab when they are wrong, if anything??

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