Lockout is Official

The NFL Lockout officially started early this morning at 12 am, this now means the Owners and the Players Union will work this out in court. I had hoped that this past week that was used as an extension would help the 2 sides meet, but now I truly understand what the Union was trying to do all along. They were planning to “force” the Owner’s hands into litigation( going to court) the whole time, the reason being “the bigger picture,” if the Union is able to win in court it will prove the NFL violated the Anti-Trust rules and there will be an 2011 NFL Season in it’s entirety. Secondly, it’s not what the Leauge wants at all. The NFL doesn’t want to be dragged through court where all there dirty secrets will be exposed, they have been “stealing” money for years now from the players and keeping it all on their end. They’ve been able to get away with it for so long by blaming the players, calling them greedy and unappreciative and what not. As I’ve said many times our country as a whole, believes whatever is told to them for the most part. The NFL is the most dangerous professional sport there is, there are studies shown that NFL players don’t live normal healthy lives once their playing career is over. Most of you might be saying that’s not the League’s problem but more of the Union’s problem, I strongly disagree. The League gets an astronomical amount of money for doing nothing, it’s not their lives out there on the line yet they wish to do things like extend the season to 18 games??? If you truly cared for anyone or anything else other than yourself you would never even SUGGEST an idea so foolish!! NFL contracts are not like other professional sport contracts, only part of the deals are guranteed. So keep that in mind when you see those “$100 million dollar deals” because the players are not seeing all of that money, that’s why Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have had multiple 10 year deals in their careers….think about it. They’re not getting that money, but the owners get that revenue that those top dollar players generate for their teams though. I am a fan of this going to court, the general public will finally get to see how filthy NFL owners really are. When you do dirt in the dark, it always comes to light and it may come out sooner than later at times but either way light will shine. Just be patient, I’ve been saying all along that we will have football next year and that the 2 sides will work something out. What commisioner would want their name affiliated with THIS??

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