How bout those Grizzlies??

The Memphis Grizzles aren’t even at full strength, yet they’re up 3-1 over the Spurs in the First Round of the NBA Playoffs!! Memphis best move this season was aquiring Shane Battier when they found out Rudy Gay was out for the year. Battier is the piece that has allowed the Grizzlies to continue to function without their best player. He doesn’t NEED touches offensively to be effective and that allows both Mike Conley and OJ Mayo to be aggressive offensively. Memphis frontline is definitely stronger when Gay is in the lineup because the trio of Gay, Randolph, and Gasol is one of the best in the league. Battier should get more credit for what he’s brought to this young team, I also want to give credit to Coach Lionel Hollins. I haven’t been a huge fan of the Grizzlies back court whether it’s Mayo or Conely, yet in the playoffs they both seem to be playing up to their potential and not overstepping their boundaries. There have been times past when they choose to forgo the option of getting the ball inside for trying to get their own numbers, in this year’s playoffs that hasn’t been the case. Secondly, they have both been extremely engaged on defense and if they can keep it up I may come to respect both of their games. Zach Randolph should have been an All-Star this year and now that Memphis is on a bigger stage he’s showing the nation why!! Z-Bo is one of the best Power Forwards in the NBA and has been for some time at least in terms of talent, what’s changed for him is his level of maturity. He truly deserves his recent contract extension and I hope he continues his dominance. I haven’t like Pau Gasol for some time now and it’s not because of his talent level, it’s his lack of strenth in the post. He has all the footwork in the world, but can’t be counted on to bang on the block and that is why the Grizzlies are so strong in the paint. Pau’s brother Marc is the exact opposite, he loves to contact and has a rugged playing style that’s sprinkled with beautiful footwork when needed. As I said earleir the pairing of Z-Bo and Marc will give the Grizzlies an advantage against most teams, just think about how much more dangerous the Grizzlies would be if Rudy was playing??? The Spurs series may have already been over, look at what the Grizzlies are doing and just think…they are missing 20 points and 8 rebounds a game, seriously let that sink in??? The Memphis Grizzlies might be the team that messes up the Western Conference Bracket in this year’s playoffs and I am not surprised in the least bit!! What do you think of the Grizzlies, is it just this series or could they really contend this year??

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