Boston’s Early Departure

The Boston Celtics played with the pride, fire, and skill that allowed them to stay atop the Eastern Conference for the past few years. Everybody knew it wouldn’t be an easy out, I did however think that the Celtic’s season was over once Perkins was traded. This series wasn’t what it should have been without Perk, many people don’t want to say that he’s the reason that the Celtics are now out of the playoffs. However, if you truly believe that having Perk as the last line of defense protecting the rim wouldn’t have helped the Celtics….that’s just crazy!! Wade and James have had the Celtics beat on them because of how they were able to defend them by forcing them to shoot jumpers, now that Perk isn’t down there, both of those guys attacked the rim over and over. I’ve seen some comments on message boards asking why the Heat were so excited about knocking out the Celtics. They were no more excited than the Mavericks were for finally knocking off the Lakers. So the journeys not over yet, the fact that both teams exercised their demons should be respected. Boston gave up 2 players who are playing KEY roles for their new teams, Tony Allen and Perk are strongly impacting their new teams. The happiest person in this Boston series had to be Wade, Tony Allen used to get on his last nerve and harass him ALL over the court. Then they got rid of Perk, it was as if Boston rolled out a red carpet to the rim for Wade. Boston has some decisions to make, much like the Lakers they are essentially the same team they were last year except Jeff Green might be the bridge to the future. I don’t think Big Baby will be back next year, so the Celtics should have a little bit of money to sign some guys at the Mid-level exception. Either way the Celtics NEED to get younger, Delonte West had a great series and should be retained. Whether you like Miami or not, you have to be a good team if not great team to beat the Celtics in the playoffs!! What do you think of Boston’s early departure??

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