Lakers Aftermath

I feel like I’ve let enough time pass since the Lakers have fallen to the Dallas Mavericks in this year’s Playoffs. I thought it was over for the Lakers after they won last year, I took all the so called “signs” from their early struggles this year very seriously. They didn’t look the same and could no longer just flip that switch. The switch had a power outage and it proved to be fatal, the Lakers perimeter defense was atrocious this year, extremely sad to watch. For all the accolades that Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest get defensively, it obviously proved to mean little to nothing as teams have been able to get to the paint all year. I’m not even going to get started on the Derek Fisher issue because it isn’t his fault, he’s been getting older for years now and the Lakers let their best backup PG leave via Free Agency in Jordan Farmar. There are rumors that the Lakers might trade Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom to get younger at key positions. All I’d like to say to the Lakers is that you saw what happened to Boston by trading their young center, please take heed and keep the kid. If anything keep Bynum and trade Gasol, he’s much older and his play has been suffering. Secondly I’m not sure how many Free Agents would WANT to play for the Lakers, not too mention playing with Kobe Bryant. Lastly, the Lakers have THE HIGHEST PAYROLL in the league so getting rid of players isn’t going to be easy. For Example, Luke Walton and Derek Fisher have rather large contracts both with guaranteed money. There’s rumors starting about trading Bynum for Dwight Howard straight up, I’m not a fan of that and think the Magic get the better big man. What do you think the Lakers should do??

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