Lanc Armstrong

I DON’T CARE!!!! Sorry, that’s just how I feel about Lance Armstrong. We will never know what truly happend, no matter how many times people step up and say they witnessed him doping. END OF STORY, we as a people do not WANT to believe that Armstrong was capable of that. It also doesn’t help that he dominated a sport that Americans have no BUSINESS dominating. The European drug agencies have been after Armstrong for years to no avail, so these are defintiely murkey waters. I am not taking a side here, just simply stating that we will NEVER EVER know what happened so let’s just drop it. Think about all the livestrong bracelets and merchandise that have been sold over the years, what if it came out that the reason wasn’t true?? Think about what that would do to this country and all those who gave in for the cause, it would be detrimental to all those involved. So let’s just drop it and continue on with our lives!!

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