LeBron’s Not Mike and Dirk’s Not Larry

I truly understand how much LeBron James and Dirk Nowitzki have impacted their teams this year, I commend them both and hope they both continue to perform at this level. However, I am appalled at what’s been floating around in the sports world this week with these useless comparisons. MJ faced much tougher opponents in his era and that goes for Bird as well, the type of defenses they faces were far more physical and it was during the era of “great big men.” There were far more championship caliber teams during their time when compared to this time, I read Scottie Pippen’s comments and came away with 2 different views. I can understand what he means by saying that LeBron can affect the game in every way which COULD make him the greatest “all-around” player in league history. I don’t agree with it totally, but I do think Pip was just saying that LeBron COULD be one of the all time greats because of his versatility and the physical gifts he is blessed with. In that light, I can agree that he has the potential to affect the game in ways MJ couldn’t because of his size. Yet when you look at the playoff numbers you would see that Mike saved his best playmaking for the postseason. LeBron is the most physically gifted player in the league right now as well as the most versatile, I have no issue with that at all. I also don’t like the MJ references just because he’s performed well down the stretch lately, I’m not knocking him for that but at the same time it’s different than when he was on his own. The guy to the right and left of LeBron are just as talented players, all 3 have carried franchises on their own shoulders and are capable of making plays at the end of games. I also think the added boost of confidence from knowing he’s not going to shoulder the burden of loosing all by himself anymore helps, he’s playing with house money now with Wade being his teammate. Wade outside of Kobe is the ONLY other cold blooded closer in the league right now. I am not surprised that LeBron is performing down the stretch now, it makes sense to me because if he should miss, only a stop on D is required and Wade has the ability to fix it. From day one LeBron has reminded me of Oscar Robertson, only difference is that Oscar never had teammates this talented. Like Oscar, because of LeBron’s size he is able to do everything on a basketball court without struggling. He is a nightmare of a matchup because of this, there is no spot on the floor where Bron is out of place. As for Dirk, he is obviously the greatest shooting 7 footer we will probably ever see. At the same time, it is hard for me to mention Dirk and Bird in the same breath. Bird was a different type of animal all together, like Mike, Larry could and would impose his will on his opponents whenever he saw fit. Bird was indifferent to pressure, like Mike he THRIVED in it. Bird was a much better all-around player than Dirk is, it’s sad that people are just throwing these comparisons around when they don’t apply. Neither Dirk or LeBron is that type of player where they can impose their will on the opposing team. They might be able to affect a game with their talents, but they can’t impose their will on their opponents. I really do like LeBron’s game, I respect Dirk’s ability to score because it’s truly beautiful how he never struggles to get his shot off. However, only Kobe and Wade have the ability to impose their will not only on their opponents, but their teammates. How many games have you watched when things weren’t going well for LA or Miami where they were struggling and at that point you saw either one of these guys just stop and say they aren’t taking it anymore?? It might not be a scoring run, just a statement play and from that point on the whole flow of the game changes?? It happened during the last Bulls game where both Bron and Wade scored 8 points apiece to rally Miami to victory in the last 3 minutes. I do understand that LeBron closed the door with the step back jumper on Brewer and the 2 three pointers. Do you remember the play that started the run??? I do, it was right after Bron lost the ball off his foot at the top of the key and Wade poked the ball loose from Boozer and it landed in Haslem’s hands. Wade then scored on a layup, Heat got a stop and Wade scored on another layup and missed the ensuing freethrow, then Chicago scored when Rose hit the floater, Wade followed that up with a 4 point play. Miami fouled Chicago, Rose made 1 of 2 at the line, then Bron hit the 2 three,s and the step back jumper. So you tell me who imposed their will, Bron or Wade?? I am not knocking LeBron at all, I’m just saying he’s dealing with much less pressure with his extremely talented teammates compared to the pressure he was facing alone in Cleveland. LeBron is going to be LeBron, Dirk is going to be Dirk, Bird was Bird, and Mj was MJ…..CASE CLOSED!!

Am I just a bitter hater, or do you think Bron is ACTUALLY better than or EQUAL to his “AIRNESS”??

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