THE SHOWDOWN, MVP vs Big 3 (Bulls-Heat)

This match-up has already eclipsed the Western Conference Finals and we don’t even know who’s going to be playing in that one. The Mavericks are waiting for the Grizzlies and Thunder to play Game 7, the first game of THE SHOWDOWN will be played at 8pm on Sunday Night. The Bulls like the Celtics dominated the regular season series against the Heat, they beat the Heat all 3 times by a grand total of 8 points. So all of those games were extremely close and were the reason many started discounting Miami as a contender by their lack of execution down the stretch. The Bulls are a very dangerous team, I picked this match up to happen in the Eastern Conference Finals at the end of last season. I am not surprised in the least bit, I also don’t think this series will go 7 games. By no ways am I saying a team will get swept, but because of the type of defense these 2 teams play I don’t think the team with the upper hand will have a problem putting the other team away. Chicago had THE BEST defense in the league this year, Miami wasn’t too far behind finishing 2nd. It’s going to come down to which team’s D forces the most turnovers and gives up the least amount of 2nd chance points. Derek Rose is going to win the PG battle hands down, the match up problems that worry me for the Bulls are at the 2 and the 3. Luol Deng did a good job against LeBron in the regular season, but one of Miami’s most dangerous lineups in the post season is when Bron is at the 4. That causes a plethora of problems for teams, the match up between Bosh and Boozer will be key. Which Free Agent prize winning power forward is going to put a stamp on this series?? Bosh had a fairly productive series against KG and Boston, Boozer broke out of a slump and really asserted himself in the close-out game over Atlanta. Chicago also has the deeper rotation in the front court, their bench is also better than Miami’s. This series will be EPIC, I’m not throwing out my prediction and will keep it to myself until this series is over. 3 of the leagues best players are in this series, will the recently crowned MVP be able to take down the new “Big 3″……your thoughts???

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