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I’ve given it some time, bit my tongue long enough for fans to at least start to get over yet another failed post season. What comes next isn’t for the faint of heart Caps Fans, consider my warning before you forge on. If the Washington Capitals wish to be successful in the post season it starts with the termination of Head Coach Bruce Boudreau!! I’ve thought this for 2 years now, I went into this postseason(I am not a Caps fan) with hope that things would change and of course it didn’t. I would like to say I was surprised, but how could I be when it seems to happy EVERY year?? I don’t watch a TON of hockey, but I do UNDERSTAND sports and when an extremely talented continues to come up short…it’s seldom the talent. The head coach is entrusted with getting the most out of the talent he/she are provided with, this Caps franchise has been blessed with immense talent yet they continually come up short in the playoffs. If the Caps were a football team they might have won a couple titles already, but they are a Hockey team and they play 7 game SERIES in theirs sport. I am by no way knocking football, but one game is much easier versus a 7 game series when adjustments must be continually made. That my friends, is where the issue lies with Boudreau and his failure to make useful adjustments if any. The Caps finished amongst the top of the Eastern Conference the last 2 years, that got them nothing but early Playoff Exits. I’m not saying he’s a terrible coach, but some coaches are great at rebuilding and other are great at finishing. Bruce Boudreau reminds me of Larry Brown, he’s a great guy and great coach when it comes to taking a bad situation and turning it around. They are both terrible at taking that same talented team they built and taking that team to a championship, I wish Bruce Boudreau the best just as long as it’s not here in Washington. What do you think, is it fair to put it on the coaching?? Or do you think the onus is on the players?? Either way CHANGE is long overdue!!!

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