NBA Lockout-My Take

So the NBA lockout starts tonight, well tommorrow at 12:01 am. No one is truly surprised that it happened, it was inevetibable. There are various reasons floating around as to why the Lockout is indeed taking place, I am not a fan of many of the theories at all. While they all may have some truth to the matter, it… Read More

NBA Draft Grades-Southwest

San Antonio- Gave up George Hill to get much needed youth in Kawhi Leanord, Corey Joseph, Davis Bertans, and Adam Hanga. This is why the Spurs always remain in contention, they know when to make moves. Joseph is beyond underrated and should benefit from learning from Tony Parker before taking the reigns himself. Leanord should be able to contribute right… Read More

NBA Draft Grades-Pacific Division

Lakers- I love the Darius Morris pick, not only does he fill a need but he gives them great size at the PG position standing 6’5. He’s a true PG and that will help the Lakers immediately. Andrew Goudelock should provide scoring punch off the bench, he might just be the best shooter in the draft from deep. They selected… Read More

Draft Grades-Northwest Division

Oklahoma City-Great Combo Guard in Reggie Jackson, could play either guard spot. All-around player could be in the roation if Harden does indeed start next year, either way Jackson is a great addition to this young team. Grade: B+ Denver-Got Kenneth Faried, Jordan Hamilton. True case of addition by subtraction in getting rid of Raymond Felton and handing the reigns… Read More