Congrats Dallas Mavericks!!

I’d like to congratulate Dirk and the Mavericks, the best team won the NBA Finals. Dirk really impressed me this season with his mental toughness, I’ve never really been a Dirk fan per say (probably still not) yet what he showed me this year was enough for me to have gained much more respect for his game. Dirk getting a ring will only enhance his legacy, not only did he lead his team through the tough Western Conference; but many of those Finals games were won by him putting his team on his shoulders. In the closeout game, his team was there for him as he struggled. His team came to play and they ended up routing the Heat in South Beach!! I think one of the things that wasn’t really thought about going into this series was the experience that the Mavs had, this was a veteran laden team. This is why they performed so well down the stretch in tough games, all of these players have been down those roads before. Not to mention Coach Rick Carlisle, Carlisle was brilliant throughout these playoffs with his game plans and adjustments. Looking back on it, Carlisle truly out-coached EVERYONE of his counter parts and his team always looked the most prepared. They truly befuddled LeBron James, James said multiple times that he couldn’t get to the paint. I don’t think it was true, it only appeared that way. The same thing was happening when Wade attacked the basket, difference was experience as Wade was still able to slice through the defense. It was almost as if the Mavs deliberately attacked LeBron’s basketball IQ, he thought he was doing the right thing by not forcing it; yet he ended up settling for the Jumpers that the Mavs wanted him to take. I’d like to credit my My M.O.S teammate Miss Shawnna for bringing that up extremely early in this series, she mentioned that Carlise’s ability to stick to his game plan would pay dividends and she was right! Jason Terry and Deshawn Stevenson backed up their talk with very great basketball, Tyson Chandler finally reached his potential and anchored this defense to a Championship. The Mavs have some in house things to take care of as several key members of this team are unrestricted free agents, it only gets better for them next year as they will have a healthy Caron Butler!!

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