Owners Can’t Agree, Not The Players

The most recent news coming out of the current NFL lockout situation has been that the owners, not the players, are the ones who are holding progress up. Apparently, a certain amount of owners do not feel like the agreement being discussed amends the problems they had with the most recent CBA signed in 2006. If this was going to happen, it was supposed to be amongst the players, not the owners. They were supposed to be the unbreakable force that was going to oppress the players. Force them to sign a deal by locking them out of work and not paying them. Funny how it works out sometimes. Not that this deal is done or near done for that matter, and as a fan I just want football, but I do find some humor in this. I haven’t always been under the opinion that all professional athletes are just in it for the check and don’t care about what fans have invested emotionally and financially in their favorite teams. But you do get that vibe now and again when you hear about the numbers being discussed and the attitudes some of these guys have. I too thought that if this kind of disagreeing or financial disputing was going to happen, it would happen amongst the ranks of the players, not the owners. But alas, I was wrong. And happy to be. Throughout this whole lockout situation, it has been more apparent to me that the players just want to play. With all the social media and radio and what have you, they have been able to be more personable and vocal in their opinions. A lot of times these sources of audio and content have been bad for today’s athlete, but today I feel like I know the guys I root for better than ever. So, I guess if I’m trying to take something positive out of this ridiculous lockout, it’s that I in some small way feel united with the players, and not just the guys that I root for personally, in just wanting Football as quickly as possible. There’s enough money to go around for everybody. The fans should know, we foot the bill.

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