Why I PIty LeBron James…

I have never been a fan, but I’ve never wished failure upon him either. Mr. LeBron James has reached an extremely tough place in his life, this is the first time that he’s had to truly look at the man in the mirror. Mr.James had done an incredible job of living up to much of his hype upon entering the NBA. He had a lot of you fooled, you saw flashes of brilliance and instantly projected those moments to those of dominance. Flashes of Brilliance and the ability to be dominant are on two opposite ends of the spectrum, Mr. James has the ability to affect the game in so many ways that it seemed logical to confuse that “potential” with projected reality. Many of you failed to judge him on one of the most important things when it comes to sports, the thing that beats inside your chest. That intangible is what allows extremely talented players to transcend into that upper echelon of Super Star, the place where Legends reside. I often remember a quote I’ve heard several times, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” This statement speaks volumes when I think of Mr. James. Fact: he is by far the most talented player in the NBA. The problem is that he doesn’t truly work hard, his supporters get blinded by the boxscores. While he may have had a triple-double, if you look at the bigger picture Mr. James surrendered 21 points to Jason Terry. If one were to take a step back and look at this entire playoff run, one would be able to see that the player that Mr. James has been responsible defensively has gone off in every round. Andre Iguadola had a decent series, Paul Pierce burned him(when he wasn’t in foul trouble), Luol Deng had his best playoff series ever, and we even had a resurgence of the “Matrix” when Shawn Marion was exremely productive in Games 1 & 2. The reason Marion has been a little quieter was that Mr. Wade is now responsible for him defensively. Jason Terry had a terrible first 2 games when guarded by anybody other than Mr. James, since Mr. James has been on him Terry has become a signifigant contribtor offensively. Many people also become enamored by Mr. James offensive stat lines, back to that triple-double last night..Mr. James wasn’t very efficient in getting to his 17 points on 8-19 shooting. Enough people are already piling on Mr. James, I’m not trying to add to it I just want people to look at the bigger picture when they look at him. Mr. James never had me believing that he had the intangibles to be the player everyone wants him to be, this is not an I told you so, it’s simply a reminder that one should wait before blindly hitching yourself to a player for what he “could” be. There is another part of this that many might not want to hear, Mr. James isn’t the best player on the Miami roster. He’s just the one with the most “upside,” this happens in football all the time. It’s just no one (the media) wanted to take the time to look at the big picture before calling Mr. James the future of the leauge. For example, very few saw Wade becoming this type of player because of his lack of “upside.” Wade’s intangibles on the otherhand are what allows him to be so dominant, I think Wade’s dominance is something that Mr. James is struggling to adjust to. I’m sure Mr. James has been the best player by far on every team he’s played on, only this time that isn’t the case. I’m sure it’s apparent to him, but I think he’s struggling to find out who he is vs the “hype.” The Heat aren’t going to accomplish anything prior to Mr. James just accepting who he is, but as long as he continues to be worried about what everybody thinks than the “Decision” is going to be the “Reason” that the “Big 3” failed. Mr. James does have the ability to figure this out, the problem is that it starts from within. When he learns to tune out all voices but his own, that’s when the “Decision” will have payed off. I’m thought I would be happy if and when this happened, instead I feel nothing but sadness and pity. Adversity does different things to different people, hopefully this guy can come out the other side a better man. If not, than he’s going to be remembered forever as basketball’s version of Alex Rodriguez. Mr. James, like Mr. Rodriguez has been blessed with all the God given tools. It’s up to Mr. James to get his heart to start beating, whether that happens or not let this be a reminder that you shouldn’t fall in love with “upside,” the intangibles go a lot further.

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