Mr. 3,000

Today, history was made as Derek Jeter aka Mr. Yankee got his 3,000th hit! Not only did he get hit number 3 thousand, he added 3 more on top of that. Jeter entered the game just 2 shy of the record, he went 5 for 5 in today’s game against the Rays and had what wound up being the game winning single. I would say I was shocked, but this is just “classic” Jeter. Everything the man does is with great presence and timing. The best part of it may have been that the Yankees won, often when players are on the doorstep of breaking records their team struggles. The Yankees had been in a midst of a slide, Jeter hasn’t exactly been an offensive spark himself this season. I believe he came into this game batting just .262 and his backup Edurado Nunez has more home-runs than him in much less playing time. I remember this past offseason I had written a piece on the subject of whether Jeter was worth keeping or not due to his declining play, well that was answered today. I’m not as impressed by the record as I am about him going 5-5 and carrying the load on offense in a division game. Jeter led the Yankees to a 5-4 win over the Rays, David Price surrendered the historic hit. That’s what Jeter means to me, Jeter=winning so Charlie Sheen was a little off. It was only fitting that Jeter accomplished this feat in New York, as not only a Yankees fan, but a sports fan in general…you couldn’t have asked for more! If there is one thing this guy does, it’s win!! I’d like to congratulate Mr. Jeter on yet another milestone in his prolific career, we all Cooperstown is waiting for him!!

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