Thoughts from Last night’s Pre-Season Games

Just wanted to share some of the things that were going through my mind while flipping through the pre-season games. The Redskins 1st team D looked good, it was only a small sample against the 1st team Pitt Offense but still. The Skins D-Line looked and played much FASTER than it did last year. Looks like lil Shanahan wasn’t too far off about the whole McNabb thing, his offense looked just fine last night with Grossman(can’t believe i’m saying that). In the Falcon’s game, wasn’t much to say except that Matt Ryan is happy with his new toy in Julio Jones. Julio(Baby T.O. as I’ve called him since HS) showed his big play ability by flashing his YAC ability. Falcon’s new guy in the slot Harry Douglas looked good in that spot as well. Tampa Bay looked GREAT last night, Josh Freeman looks like he’s ready to breakout on the “National” level this year, the kid has played well thus far in his career but it’s been underneath the radar. Freeman and his back up Josh Johnson looked sharp last night and Tampa’s D pitched a shutout, keep ya eyes on Tampa’s new LB Mason Foster! In the Saints-49ers(my team) game you got to see what continuity and the polar opposite looked like. The Saints were aggressive in attacking the 49ers and their new offense, the Saints were hitting the QB’s early and often. What is surprising is outside of the sacks, both A.Smith and D.Brees had very similar QB ratings. Both 1st team defenses did their jobs! The 49ers offense is just THAT FAR BEHIND, their D looked good even as the night went on. Aldon Smith(7th overall pick) looked very good rushing the passer from his OLB spot. Saints backup QB Chase Daniels looked good last night, Mark Ingram’s debut did a good job as well! Look forward to more Pre-season action tonight!

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