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Enosch Wolf member of the Reigning National Champion Uconn Huskies was generous enough to take the time out of his schedule to answer some of questions for My Mind on Sports!! If you’re on twitter make sure you follow Enosch at @E_Wolf_1

WT: Was basketball your first love in terms of sports, or something that grew on you?

EW: I grew up with basketball, both of my parents played professional basketball in the first league in Germany! The first word I was able to say was “ball”, i grew up in the gym due to the fact that my parents had practice everyday and I had to go with them.

WT: What was the transition like for you from home to being at Uconn?

EW: It wasn’t too hard for me, I always wanted to live in the US and I definitely like the American way of life. I have to admit that I have problems with the food, and that will probably never change, I just love the European and especially German cuisine to much. But as far as living completely on my own out here, everything was good. the game is different out here, more focused on 1on1, athleticism and speed than a more tactical, smarter game in Europe. but I think this gives me advantages other guys don’t have.

WT: How did it feel to be on a National Championship Team last year?

EW: It felt great, of course I would have loved to have played more and be a active part of the team on the court, but I wasn’t there yet so i did the best I could to help my team off the court, in practice, during games. It was the greatest experience I made I my whole life!

WT: Now that Uconn is loaded with Bigs after the addition of Drummond, what kind of impact will the Bigs have on this year’s team compared to last?

EW: I think our main focus on our scoring is going to change, last year we obviously had Kemba and the main scoring happened in our back court. this year the scoring is going to be more balanced, what, in my opinion, makes us even better and more versatile.

WT: How will Enosch Wolf impact Uconn basketball this year?

EW: I will play my role as good as I can and give, not only UConn basketball, but UConnation the best I can!

WT: What are your expectations for Uconn basketball this season?

EW: I’m not a big fan of saying that we are going to repeat or anything, but we definitely have a shot on doing it again. All it takes now is hard work and dedication from our side to make it happen!

WT: I asked Alex during our interview, but who has the most bounce on the team?

EW: He probably answered that with “himself” haha but I’ll give that to Ryan Boatright, 41″ vertical as i believe. But now with Andre joining the team, I don’t know! We have a lot of good jumpers on the team, but Ryan and Andre are probably the most impressive!

WT: Lastly, what do you think of the polls disrespecting Uconn by not having them in the preseason top 10?

EW: I love it! it is way easier to just do your thing when people don’t put huge expectations on you. I’m perfectly fine with them doubting us, they did the same thing last year and we all know how we finished the season.

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