Where did Cam Newton’s detractors go??

It wasn’t very long ago that Mr. Cam Newton was just considered an “athlete” that played the position of quarterback. The “hate” started in Week 3 of his Junior season at Auburn University, it grew and grew every week even leading into the NFL Draft. Cam led the nation in completion percentage that year and led Auburn to a National Championship with the help of standout DT Nick Fairley. Newton also brought home the coveted Heisman Trophy. I know there was the issue of the alleged “pay for play” scheme, but I am speaking strictly about on field issues. Newton chose to throw at the combine, didn’t have a great showing and everyone jumped on him. He did a little better at his pro-day, but to his detractors that wasn’t nearly enough. He was being compared to Jamarcus Russell, even though that comparison was a reach not to mention just blatantly disrespectful. Russell won a Championship on the play of a STRONG LSU defense and really only “performed” in one game. Cam took a team nobody CARED about, made them relevant, kept them undefeated, and delivered Auburn a National Championship. How could one have the GALL to make that comparison. I knew Cam had “it” around week 3, I continued to watch him EVERY week to make sure I wasn’t falling into that horrible trap of catching him during a “hot” game. He reassured my decision to back him during that comeback against Alabama. I knew then, that Cam was that “leader” that few teams have the pleasure of drafting. One of the other reasons that I though Cam would be successful was his arm, he has an extremely strong arm. I did a little research prior to the draft, Cam was also very well PREPARED going into every game. He’s the football equivalent to a “gym rat,” he’s always around the game. Those type of things are only said about “Elite” QB’s, yet almost everyone was saying that he was SURE to fall flat on his face and would have to be “brought along slowly.” I can respect some one’s decision to be against something, as long as they themselves took the time to  decide that they don’t like something. Not to just jump on the coattails of another whom they might respect, find out for yourself and make a decision. Lastly STICK TO IT, if you won’t apologize or admit when you are wrong. Fast forward to now, we’re heading into the 3rd week of the NFL Season. Cam Newton has thrown for 854 yards, 3 TDs, and 4 INTs. Obviously the 4 INTs aren’t a positive, but what is extremely impressive is the lack of balance he has on offense. The play-calling in Carolina is not one that you typically see when a team has a rookie QB, they are throwing as if he’s been here for some time. The lack of balance on offense only makes it difficult for a rookie, instead Cam has THRIVED in this situation. What’s MORE is that all of the naysayers are NOWHERE to be found. I mean there were many that vehemently declared that Cam was not NFL ready. WHERE ARE YOU, give the kid a chance and wait before you judge. I just felt like sharing that with you all, what were your impressions of Cam going INTO THE DRAFT and what are they of him now AFTER THE FIRST 2 WEEKS??

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