Willie’s Rant: The “Hustle” that is the NCAA

The NCAA has 4 letters in it’s name, it reminds me of another word though. Could you help me out, this word also has 4 letters and starts and ends with the letter P. The word I was searching for in this case, pimp. Plain and simple, one could see the similarities between the two right? Both are businesses that exploit the services of others for their own gain, I won’t go into any more detail for fear of getting too far off track. I personally don’t see anything wrong with all the Conference re-alignments if there were a good, decent, logical reason for doing so. The problem being, money is none of those reasons I just mentioned. It defies reason, with some of the schools being added to Conferences that are geographically polar opposites. The ACC shouldn’t have ANY schools in New York, the ATLANTIC Coast Conference. Not the East Coast Conference, they aren’t the only ones. That’s just the example that is most fresh on my mind, secondly how does EVERYONE involved NOT playing the actual GAME get paid?? Those saying a free education is more than enough, would definitely not be saying that if THEY were the actual athletes. It makes no sense, that merchandise is being sold because of the PLAYER. It’s not the name on the front, but the name on the back and the “player” that where’s that specific # that makes it a commodity. Every school that is a household name started somewhere, it starts from winning. Winning starts from great recruiting, you’re not recruiting boosters, you’re recruiting the players. I don’t care which end you start from, the foundation of ALL this are the kids that PLAY the actual GAME. It utterly disgusts me to watch these people, this “organization” continue to THRIVE off these kids. 4 years of an education at a “prestigious” university does mean something, I am by no means knocking that. There is still something wrong with a school getting paid for Bowl Games or National Championships when the PLAYERS get NOTHING. It just doesn’t sit right with me, you’re making millions for a service that YOU don’t actually perform. Maybe I’m crazy though, maybe it’s only RIGHT that you give a kid “an education” and make millions off them in return. What DO YOU THINK??

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