Off into the SUNSET?? Joe Pa declares this season to be his last!!

I wish I could say I was surprised, in shock, or even flabbergasted. Unfortunately I’m NOT, how do you let someone walk away from such a mess. If this were any other coach in AMERICA, they would be ripped to shreds; instead everyone is acting like this is just an end to a wonderful coach’s career. Please don’t tell me you truly believe that THIS is the time to go, that prior to this horrible debacle Paterno had planned to leave this season….SERIOUSLY?? This is a horrible shame, where’s the NCAA that is always in the middle of every minor recruiting violation and scandal?? THIS is actually something that they need to be a part of, instead they’re hiding in the background. I even challenge members of the media, where are you all that were o so persistent during the Pay-for-Play scandal?? You all were the ones who somehow got access to Cam Newton’s personal record (which is illegal by the way), why the silence now? It happens to all of us, just because a hero might fall doesn’t mean you should be quiet. Hold them accountable, in this NEW era of “character counts,” are you truly saying that Paterno showed exceptional character by walking away?? I can’t even put into words what my thoughts are, so I will digress until next Tuesday at 7pm. TRUST, I will be ready for war!! What are your thoughts on Joe Pa and Penn St?? What should be done???

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