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DeMarcus Cousins is off to a good start this year on the court, off the court is a different story. Cousins was “flagged” by many teams on draft day two years ago, mainly for character “concerns.” In his rookie season he averaged 14 pts & 8 rebs, this year he’s averaging 13 pts & 11rebs. Talent is certainly not an issue, Cousins is an old-school big. A 5 that can play with his back to the basket as well as face up, he’s even armed with a midrange jumper. What’s the problem?

There’s speculation that Cousins demanded a trade, there’s been concrete incidents in the past with members of the Kings coaching staff as well. From the Kings standpoint, it’s easy to see why Cousins NEEDS to go. The biggest problem in all of this is getting equal value for his talent, just don’t see it happening. Think back to when Stephon Marbuy and Lamar Odom got traded early in their careers, neither the Clippers or the Timberwolves got great talent in return. It got to the point that their teams just wanted them gone, that may be the case for Cousins and the Kings.

The Kings are truly in a sticky situation, do you keep him around and it gets worse or jettison him off for little to nothing? Decisions, decisions; What is Left on The Floor blogger Mike Sykes goes on to share that it’s much deeper than just Cousins in his most recent post( I tend to agree, if the issue is truly deeper than just Cousins why shouldn’t they change coaches before giving up on such a talented young player?

If in fact this does get to the point that it’s “just get him out of here,” look for Miami to pounce first. Cousins is only 21, there is more than enough veterans on that team to keep him in check. Boston would be in the equation as well, I repeat this only happens if the Kings get to THIS point. The ball is in your court Sacramento, immensely TALENTED 21 year old NBA centers don’t grow on trees.  Ideally they would remain patient and get the best deal, don’t just give Cousins away for the sake of getting him out of Sactown.

What do you think will happen, will the Kings trade Cousins? Will they keep him and just continue to move forward? Or as Mr. Sykes so eloquently brought up, do they keep Cousins or Westpaul?

Leave your answers,thoughts, and comments below!!

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