Irsay Rearranging Furniture-Colts Front Office

The Indianapolis Colts ousted three members of their front office, they happen to be family. Bill and Chris Polian are no longer part of the Colts organization, this should surprise no one. It does make one wonder as to why it took so long? As for the third member,  it was head coach Jim Caldwell.

Teams never really know how good a General Manager is until the injury bug hits a team, than you find out how solid that 53 man roster really is. Well it hit the fan for the Colts this year, never in their wildest nightmares would they have thought Peyton Manning would be out for an ENTIRE season. Obviously that would change a team’s expectations instantly, it still shouldn’t have been THIS bad. The Colts finished with a 2-14 record, which means that #18 masked many if not ALL of their countless deficiencies as a team. The Colts do not have any depth what so ever, why wouldn’t their be a contingency plan in place? No backup QB that the organization could trust to keep the team afloat? The defense looked even more horrendous than normal and the line isn’t as good when Manning isn’t back there attacking the defense. Can you remember any GREAT pickups by the Colts during the past 3-4 NFL Drafts? Depth is imperative in any sport, injuries are inevitable and when they hit, they HIT!

Caldwell was not retained either, what coach would have done better given these circumstances? This was not on the coach, he did what he could with what he HAD sans Manning. Then again, most coaches have a say-so in draft day decisions. That might be where the issue was with Caldwell, as a whole those three men failed the organization routinely every year in the draft. One might counter by saying the Colts always pick late because of their success. Teams such as the Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, and Packers pick late as well and they still acquire quality depth via the draft.

Did these men deserve to lose their jobs, what will happen with the Colts Front Office? Does Peyton return or does he retire?

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