Enough Already

This is Super Bowl Week, the big game is 48 hours away! The biggest names this week in the media are quaterbacks; as they usually are, both are top tier quarterbacks who put up Hall of Fame numbers. They are considered “Masters” of their craft, two of the finest to have ever played the position. Tom Brady and PEYTON MANNING. Yes, I am aware that I wrote Peyton and not Eli Manning; for the last 24 hours all that has been plastered across sports media outlets is the news that PEYTON has been cleared by two doctors.

The issue here is that PEYTON is not the Manning in this week’s SUPER BOWL, his brother Eli is. Eli has done a remarkable jobĀ  leading the Giants to this stage, he deserves a chance to have the spotlight shown on him for once. Playing in New York is not easy for any athlete, let alone one that plays a high profile position like quarterback. Eli is an “Elite” QB and deserves the attention that his peers get; if his last name weren’t MANNING, no one would question what he’s accomplished thus far in his career. Take the time to look up his numbers from THIS postseason run, he’s put up the kind of numbers that only “ELITE” QBs put up. Eli gets overlooked often, but it may be time for that to end and for the naysayers to appreciate what he’s achieved.


Will he or won’t he play, that is the question surrounding Peyton Manning. Taking the type of injury he has in account, one would hope he walks away from the game of football. What quality of life would he have if he were to suffer more damage, football is a COLLISION SPORT. Two doctors have cleared him to play, neither of them being from the Colts organization according to Colt’s owner Jim Irsay in a tweet this week. The Colts hold the Number 1 Overall Pick Draft, they are believed to select a QB whether it be Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin the Third. The biggest piece of this puzzle is the $28 million dollar option bonus Manning would receive should the Colts exercise the option. Manning’s agent Tom Condon said this in a recent ESPN Article, “How long? I don’t have any idea. I don’t know if there is any way to quantify that or measure it. I do know he’s much farther along than he was after the surgery.” That sounds like a lot of uncertainty for it to have been breaking news. Manning has been cleared to resume throwing however, he is on somewhat of a “pitch-count” because of weakened muscles in his throwing arm. The damaged nerve in his neck hasn’t fully healed, which is affecting his triceps. Does that sound like someone who would receive a $28 Million dollar option; better yet does it sound like someone who is READY to resume his career?

I wish Peyton the best in terms of recovery, I honestly do think breaking that news this week was selfish on his part. There wasn’t going to be any significant breakthrough health wise between yesterday and Monday, why not let your brother enjoy his moment in the limelight?

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3 Thoughts to “Enough Already”

  1. Anytime you’re a high-profile QB, things happen. I’m sure he didn’t want to take away the spotlight from his brother, but it happened. Oh well. I hope he has a good recovery.

  2. I agree with you man. I feel that this whole ordeal between the Colts and Peyton is taking away from what Eli has done. But on the flipside, it may also help him. If the cameras are all on Peyton and not Eli, Eli won’t go into this game with a lot of anxiety. But that’s not fact for sure until we see the results on Sunday.

    Another good piece man.

  3. Thanks again for reading! No I don’t think it bothers Eli one bit, he’s done a pretty good job putting up with it all his whole life. Just don’t like how he’s being pushed to the back burner at a time he especially shouldn’t be.

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