The speculation is now over, the Rams have found a suitor for the Number Two Pick in this year’s NFL Draft.  Twitter ERUPTED with the news; the Washington Redskins wanted it more than the Browns and any other team in the league,  Jay Glazer of Fox Sports had the scoop on this deal. The Redskins traded this year’s Sixth pick in the First round, this year’s Second round pick, First round pick in 2013, and a First round pick in 2014. The Rams walked away winners as well, they are full of holes on both sides of the ball. These draft picks will definitely help them fill the roster with top notch talent!

Robert Griffin the Third also known as RG3 is the second quarterback expected to come off the board in this year’s draft class with out a doubt. RG3 Heisman Trophy Winning Season last year opened eyes all around the nation, he followed that up by posting ridiculous numbers at the NFL Combine. Griffin is an “Elite” athlete, but he’s also an “Elite” passer. That is why he and Andrew Luck are considered can’t miss prospects this year, the Colts and the Redskins have Quarterbacks to build their Franchises around. We are told all the time how the NFL is a “passing league” and a “QB driven” league; that being considered, did the Redskins give up to much? There will be some that think they did, but if you were a fan of a team without a decent QB much less a Franchise QB you wouldn’t think so. RG3 is a MAJOR upgrade over Rex Grossman and John Beck, the Redskins did what had to be done by offering up a deal the Rams couldn’t refuse. Was the price to steep in your eyes or is it worth every pick?

The second part of this that helps the Redskins IMMENSELY, the Free Agency Period begins this week! I believe the Redskins are $41 Million UNDER the cap, that’s a lot of money to spend and we all KNOW how Mr. Snyder is. They can now go after the perceived top wideouts in this year’s FA class and say you’ll be playing with RG3 as a selling point. That is huge, using Beck or Grossman as a selling point wouldn’t have gotten them anywhere! So keep an eye out for the Redskins in Free Agency, they appear to have gotten their Franchise QB and will do their best to surround him with good pieces!

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