Eastern Conference Championship, Bulls/Heat?

This is what everyone is expecting to see. This is what the players are expecting to see, even though publicly they shouldn’t admit it. What if this is not what we see? After watching this regular season series between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat, we can clearly see these teams match up well with each other. Even though Rose hasn’t been a factor in this series this year that opens the doors to the playoff future of both teams, or at least the different possibilities. Chicago has a very good team they’ve proven it the last two years and they also have a great coach in Tom Thibodeau. Defensively they have the best TEAM hands down mainly because of Thibs and they way the team was built. The Bulls lack in the offensive power needed to win a NBA Championship in this day and age. Boozer was supposed to take some of the slack off of Rose but that wasn’t the case in last years playoff run and Miami ousted the Bulls 4 games to 1. This year Chicago added on Rip Hamilton for more support but because of the shortened season and high volume of injuries to run through the Bulls back court, they have not been able to see the court at the same time consistently. The big question is are the Bulls going to be healthy enough to turn it on in the playoffs right now, and would it be enough to get by Miami. Then on the other side of the equation you have the Heat who look magnificent right now. But, are the big 3 gonna get burned out too quickly due to the lack of a bench for the Heat? Battier was a good pick up for Miami, and Turiaf as well but is that enough to get them through a pretty tough Eastern Conference and past a team in the West. The Bulls played Miami better than most teams in the league and it had a lot to do with the play of the bench. Miami pulled out the victory tonight and it was a playoff type atmosphere down in South Beach, but should they be worried they won this game with two allstars to the Bulls one in Loul Deng and without Rose. More than likely we will get the same conclusion we got last year with the Bulls facing the Heat in the East, but I would not at all be shocked if it didn’t exactly pan out like that. Boston is playing well right now, Indiana is solid and NY is going to give someone a bit of a scare. There is just a few more games left until it begins, just have to tune in and see what happens.

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