More Nightwing than Robin

Batman and Robin were a great combination, but the two crime fighters lived by a pecking order–Batman then Robin. If you were an avid reader of the comic or viewer of the show, you know that Robin rarely lived in the spotlight. He was only able to aid Batman in a somewhat miniscule role as a “sidekick.” People are often fast to bestow this pecking order among the All-NBA combination of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat.

Let me be the first to tell you, if you weren’t already thinking it, that pecking order does not apply here. There isn’t a totem pole entrenched in the psyche of the South Beach Light Show–rather, there is a combination of two unbelievable talents that have come together to wreak havoc on the NBA.

LeBron James is the best player in the NBA; Wade would be the first guy to tell you that. LeBron will ultimately lead the Heat to a championship. What the team accomplishes at the end of this season is his responsibility,though, his ability to shoulder that load remains to be seen. You’ll see where I’m going with this soon enough.

James has great talent and it comes with great responsibility(Spider Man reference in a DC Comic atmosphere can’t be overlooked), but that doesn’t mean that he won’t need any help along the way. While he is the “Batman” of the Miami Heat, he doesn’t have a Robin by his side. Rather, he has Nightwing.

Just to give a little backstory about Nightwing, for those who don’t know, he is a fictional DC Comics character from the family tree of Batman. Dick Grayson, also known as Robin, was deemed Nightwing after dropping the Robin role upon reaching adulthood. No, this isn’t an accurate portrayal of the relationship between Batman and Nightwing–I’m prepared to be hunt down by comic book nerds–because Batman and Nightwing didn’t work together often.

Though the two vigilantes didn’t share a lot of moments together their relationship is even still a more accurate depiction of LeBron James’ and Dwyane Wade’s relationship on the court. Both have advanced skill and are able to do a lot of amazing things on the floor. Nightwing isn’t just a more seasoned, molded version of Robin; he handles things on his own and does them in his own way while going after achieving the same goal as a Batman would. You follow me still, right? Right.

Let me get to the heart of what I’m talking about before my head gets called for. Dwyane Wade is a beast in his own way. He showed that today during the first game of the Indiana Pacers series. He came out with a clear edge and possibly a chip on his shoulder since James won his first MVP this weekend. Wade has always been a confident player, but recently has revealed that he believes LeBron is the best player in the world, let alone the Miami Heat. For him to not have an oversized ego and be man enough to say that definitely says something about his character. Wade said:

“At certain times in the league, Coach Riley has felt I was the best player. I don’t change the way I approach the game and what I think of myself at all by saying [James] is the best in the world right now.

Acquired from the Miami Herald

With those words in mind, take a look at this tweet from Tom Haberstroh.. Wade implies that he should’ve had his first MVP when LeBron acquired his second. Deep down I believe that he still has that competitive edge deep down inside him that allowed him to have one of the greatest Finals performances of all time and allowed him to compete with James while he played for the Cavaliers.

Wade has been a figure in Miami who’s praises have been severely unsung all season long. While James has garnered an MVP trophy, Dwyane Wade only earned 6 points in votes when the MVP tally was counted up. That happened to be 10th out of 15, which in my opinion is way too low. Wade was the best player at his position this season and he even missed a portion of the season. Wade finished third in PER rankings this season with a rating of 26.3. He finished behind only the aforementioned LeBron James and my MVP pick at the beginning of the season in Chris Paul.

He finished the season on such a high note while only being sixth in the league in usage rate. In a normal season, those are MVP worthy numbers and for him to only get six points is an epic failure on the MVP voting committee.

Who knows. Maybe Wade’s MVP chances are eliminated because of the trinity that was formed in Miami. Playing with the best player in the world will definitely hamper your chances of achieving any individual accolades–especially when you’re playing styles and approaches to the game are similar.

Even still, we should not overlook how amazing Dwyane Wade is as a player. He is still capable of doing amazing things, like leading the league in blocks by guards and performing well in the clutch. Some would argue that the Miami Heat have the top two players in the league–at least two of the top five. For a so called “sidekick” that’s pretty amazing.

Wade and James’ outscored the Indiana Pacers in the second half of game one yesterday 42 to 38. This shows how deadly these two can be and how they are able to overpower teams at will sometimes. That wasn’t the work of a hero and his sidekick. That was the work of two amazing forces destroying everything in their path. The narrative of Batman and Robin ends here. Nightwing and Batman or Batman and Nightwing–maybe even Superman and Batman–give them so much more justice.

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  1. Good Post Mike and if people come for your head, i urge them to read it a second time before picking up the digital pitchfork-Great work as always!

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