Never Miss Something Til it’s Gone

Chris Bosh has taken SO MUCH FLACK since joining the Miami Heat a year ago, many of the reasons being non-basketball related. For some reason, folks forget that he was one of the best forwards in the league before landing in South Beach. In the two years he’s been on the Heat, he’s never really been injured. He’s missed time due to off-court issues, but it hasn’t even been a handful. There have been many times where only two of the “Big 3” have played with one of the others out. In those situations it’s usually Wade or James, hardly ever Bosh. His absence will be felt by the Heat, maybe now he’ll finally get credit for his craft.

In the seven years in Toronto where most rarely watched him play, Bosh was the FRANCHISE. He’s only recently became a third wheel, he had one of the toughest adjustments of the three. He IS the low post offense on a team that lacks size, Bosh isn’t you prototypical big man. He’s not even the new “stretch 4,” Bosh is well….Bosh. He is very adept at scoring in the post, yet he’s able to get the ball elbow extended and put the ball on the floor in iso opportunities. Not to mention his very good mid range jumper, like the other 2 of the “Big 3,” Bosh isn’t conventional in terms of position. Back to those seven years in Toronto; Bosh put up HUGE numbers, in three of those seven seasons Bosh averaged 20+ points and 10 rebounds. Many teams in the NBA would be smitten if they had a big man capable of putting up those types of numbers.

Since joining the Heat, Bosh’s numbers dipped a bit. Once again, just a bit. In the two regular seasons with the Heat, Bosh has averaged 18 points and 8 rebounds. In last year’s post season he was Mr. Consistent, he averaged 18 and 8 again. I’m not sure folks understand just HOW MUCH Bosh is a part of what Miami does both offensively and defensively. Bosh is involved in almost every play Miami runs, whether he’s setting the pick or rolling to the basket he touches the ball on almost every possession. When Wade and James are sealing their defenders for post up opportunities it’s usually Bosh freeing them with a pick or providing the entry pass. Defensively Bosh is overlooked, like Tim Duncan the defense he provides is not “above” the rim. Bosh does a great job of establishing position on defense, he is a very good help defender. He alters a lot of the shots that Wade or James end up blocking, he routinely takes away driving lanes to the basket.

In the last two years the Heat have beat every team with “elite” or “dominant” big men at least once, whether you like Bosh or not he gets the job done. He’s the linchpin that holds it all together; like most things in life, people don’t miss things until they’re gone.


I have faith that James and Wade can get Miami pass the Pacers, maybe even the Celtics. However, if the Miami Heat wish to win this year’s NBA Championship…they need the most IMPORTANT member of the “Big 3.”

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5 Thoughts to “Never Miss Something Til it’s Gone”

  1. Another thing about Bosh is that he hits outside shots and when he’s hitting them, he spreads the floor for Bron and D Wade. Bosh is often jokes on, but I do believe if they don’t win the title, he would be the first to go.

  2. Another thing that Bosh does is spreads the floor for Wade and Bron. By spreading the floor, he creates driving lanes for them and makes their lives easier.

  3. I’ve really always thought Bosh has received way too much criticism. It bothered me because I think most of the people who were criticizing him were people who hadn’t seen much of Bosh due to the fact he played in Toronto and there were no nationally televised Raptor games. People couldn’t understand what Bosh was bringing to the table or what he was capable of doing while he was in Toronto. It’s nice to see him being needed in Miami right now because I still like the guy (hate it when Raptor fans boo his return to TO).

  4. […] two teams are much different from when they met last season. Chris Bosh, a key piece to Miami’s puzzle,is now out indefinitely with an abdominal injury. Miami’s offense has changed dramatically […]

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